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I just created my blog-account @
So lets try to do some blogging...
Today i was busy getting my WLAN working well. After i updated my Linksys-AP two days ago with a new firmware from SveaSoft, which is a 3rd party firmware, i have nice features on my AP. OTHT it opens a view new security holes in my network. AP has now telnet working, so man can login in directly in to AP. I disabled that feature as the telnetd running on the AP is passwordless. After securing the AP again i managed to get vpnd working between my laptop and my desktop PC. After installing some firewall, WLAN should be secured by now.

I found a nice project to join, which is thinking about building up wireless network in our village. I am not sure how many persons would participate on that. I also found some nice Meshcubes from 4G Systems. This cube looks very nice and seems to be perfect for that. Its running on MIPS with Debian. I have to think about that...

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