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Pia Hi, i am Pia Zobel and I watched the sun rising today for the first time. I was born 8:29 CET, 51cm in size and 3050g in weight. Mum is well, though it was a C-section.
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Congratulations to the young family! :-)

Wohooo - what a release! Congrats to the proud parents, and keep them awake for a while ;-)

Your big Linuxchix sister was released like this as well - see

Wolfgang, Hamidah & Hanna Zuleikha Lonien

Hey, congratulations! :) I wish you all the best.


Congratulations form the K family. It looks like next generation of Debian is coming up!!

Best release so far! ;)

She's so cute....

All the best wishes to the young family!

Well done! Congratulations you three :) and welcome Pia!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahnsinnig süß! Herzlichen Glückwunsch Ihr zwei! Freu mich schon drauf die kleine Pia mal hochheben, streicheln, knuddeln und knutschen zu können ;-)


Best regards,

Hi ina, hi Martin,
ganz, ganz herzliche Glückwünsche und alles,alles


Herzlichen Glückwunsch :)

Congratulations!!! :)

Congratulations :-D

Hi Pia, may you see many more suns rising. Don't keep dad away from his packages too much if you can. And say congratulations to mom.

Auch von mir meine Glückwünsche und beste Grüße an die Mutti.

Welcome in 'just became father' club ;)

My girl was born 2 days ago.

hello kiddie

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