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DSA recently switched to GeoDNS. Now, 72 hours later, it seems we didn't broke the website too hard with it. While reviewing the query logs for abnormalities i started to do some statistics, which i thought might be worth publishing.

  • In total we had about 1.44 million DNS queries within 72 hours.
  • There were about 12550 queries where the source IP wasn't in the GeoIP database, so we had to deliver the default zone. Most of those had been IPv6 addresses.
  • Europe does ~50% of all the DNS queries

Debian GeoDNS queries to www.debian.orgUpdate
Upon demand, here are the exact numbers:

Northern America308404
Southern America176518

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One should take into consideration the long weekend in the USA... it might have had an influence on these numbers

This system is apparently not necessarily very accurate anyway. It thinks I'm in northern America (I live in Denmark). At least if it's identical to the system described in

$ dig -ttxt +short
"North America view"

What percentage of all DNS queries were via IPv6 Transport?

In total 13304 DNS queries via IPv6 transport, so ~1%.

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