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BSP in Darmstadt

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Currently uLI, Michael and me are planning for an Debian Bug Squashing Party at the end of August. I just wrote some formal eMail to Frank Lichtenheld (djpig) and asked for some support. Alexander Schmehl (Tolimar) and Michael Banck (azeem) already told me the would join us, if the have time and manage to come to Darmstadt somehow. We need also to coordinate the BSP with the Debian BBQ/Party-Team, as the are planing to do a party nearly the same time. So announcement of the BSP should be made really soon.

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Ohoh, its over a month now i wrote the last entry. And many, many things happened since then.

In short:

  • Steve and Colin toke over Debian Release Management and announced new Debian stable to come on 15th of September (they didn't write yet which year they mean)

  • DaLUG Farm project grows up

  • BSP is taking place this week end

Due to the endless flame wars on debian-devel Antony Towns stepped back from his role as Debian Release Manager. Currently Steve Langasek and Colin Watson took over his part and i think they are doing it quite well. Colin lifted the curtain last week and announced the sarge + 1 will be called "etch". They also provided a new release schedule, which will be quite hard to fulfill. Debian stable release will be 15th of september. Thats the reason why we do a BSP this week end.

But first of all i should tell something about the DaLUG farm project. Somehow uLI, Michael and I managed to get some uncommoned hardware which is now located at the FNB. All machines running Debian Woody. Currently we plan to install wanna-build and buildd software on these machines and will ask the Debian Project if they want access to these machines. But we won't announce that, until we know whats going on with the alpha-machine. We thought of giving access also to some memberes of the DaLUG, if they want.

As the release of Debian Sarge is coming closer, we managed to organize a Debian BSP this weekend, wich will taken place at FNB. We got sleeping place for about 18 persons coming from outside. I know about aba, djpig, tolimar, some skolinux-guys, one guy from Belgium and one from Heidelberg coming.

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slapd on mips

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After some strugle with slapd on mips I managed to get slapd installed on mips. For some reason there seems to be a problem with bdb in Debian's slapd package ATM (slapd 2.1.30-2). For now I installed slapd afterwards changed slapd's config to use ldbm instead of bdb and reinstalled slapd. That seems to work for me ATM.

If I have some spare time on the next week-end I will do some research on bdb backend and why it fails on mips.

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