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German computer magazine iX has a very good article about the new Debian Installer. Its author Holger Levsen first reports about new features of the d-i and then reports about the preseeding feature. In the last part of his article he compares preseeding to FAI and explains the difference very well.

His conclusion: "Although the release candidate 2 of the Debian Installer is still another pre-1.0 version, it is a large step in the right direction for the Debian project. Smaller deficiencies and weaknesses are still present, but concern only few use cases. In all, the Debian Installer brings a simply usable, versatile and automizable Framework for installations, which can be adapted easily with little training."

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Troubles with udev

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I had some trouble with udev lately. When stopping and later starting udev via normal init scripts the system behaves strange. There were missing pseudo-terminals and other stuff. When asking Marco d'Itri about that, he told me, that udev only will work properly when started up on system startup. It will not work properly when i do

/etc/init.d/udev stop

/etc/init.d/udev start

When asking Marco if that means i have to reboot the system now, his answer was "Yes".

Sorry, but that reminds me on a commercial operating system developed somewhere in Redmond.

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