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After i reinstalled my mailserver a few weeks ago i hadn't had found any time yet to reinstall amavisd-new. So i thought i could do it this night. After i installed it, i copied the old configs back from my backup. But ...huh... for some reason, some parts of my old config do not seem to work anymore... I don't know what i changed, but the nice feature having X-Spam-Headers in every mail, regardless if spam or not, does not seem to work any more, dunno why.

After 4.5h of searching i give up for now.... Far to late here (0400 local time)

Current mood: frustrated.

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As announced some weeks ago, there will be a Debian QA Meeting in Darmstadt, Germany from the 9th to the 11th of September. Currently we are busy to arrange the program. Looks like this will become a busy weekend.

If everything goes well we will be at the same place as last year, this would be at the Department of Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering of the Technical Unitversity of Darmstadt. That would be great, as they already house some of the buildd Andreas Barth uses for experimental and for debian-volatile. They also housed last years meeting

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