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modprobe scx200_gpio
mknod /dev/soekris_error_led c 254 20
echo 1 > /dev/soekris_error_led

Now my router can morse errors :-)

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I am currently sitting at Berlin Tegel airport and waiting for my plane to arrive. My wife is already on her way to Düren where we both will leave for Madrid tomorrow, where we will pick up h01ger and amaya for the DebianEDU Meeting in Extramadura.

Happy to have some vacation now.

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As i already wrote, i am currently organizing a couple of Bug Squashing Parties this fall. My idea is that we have up to four or five BSPs on one weekend around the globe, and this repeated on three weekends directly after the base freeze. This should help us to get the RC count down to some reasonable number so we can release Etch in - this time.

As i have been asked to stick to iso 8601 or rfc 3339 date format (yes, i should have thought about this before sending out the announcement), here are the current planed dates (in a better readable format for international readers):

  1. August 11th, 2006 - August 13th, 2006: Testing d-i and fixing bugs in the installation process

  2. September 08th, 2006 -September 10th, 2006: Testing upgrades from pre-release etch and sarge and fix remaining bugs

  3. October 06th, 2006 - October 8th, 2006: Fixing remaining bugs in core packages

The following places so far have been offered to host a BSP:

  • University of Zürich, Switzerland

  • University of Darmstadt, Germany

  • École Centrale Paris, France

  • Argentina (no exact place given yet)

  • maybe: Student Dorm Salesianum Don Bosco, Vienna, Austria

I still hope we get round about 15 different locations world-wide for all events. If none of the dates above meet your diary, but you would be able to host a BSP on a different date within that timeframe, fine with me, just commit it to the wiki. Or your place is not yet listed, do the same.

There is not much you need to host a BSP, just online connection, a room/place where the actual bug squashing will happen and a place where non-local DDs could find a place to sleep. See here for more information.

Even so it will be a bit stressful i still plan to attend on all of the above weekends to one BSP in Europe.

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I decided to switch to Wordpress, as it more suiteable for me. I often do not have shell access to the host where my blog runs on when i want to blog about something.

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