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The package list for Sarge r3 has been frozen today, though we still wait for one package from one architecture to be uploaded. I hope it makes it before dinstall. Lets see....

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m68k is blocking the release for Debian Sarge r3 now for longer than a week.

We are currently only waiting for one (essential) package from this arch: debian-installer. For some curious reasons this package did not build on any of the build-deamons and as porter machines are still locked down after compromise one can't even do hand-builds. Wouter is currently doing this on one of his machines, but that might take a while... So one can still say what we said pre-sarge release: "It's ready when it's done".

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and reflects neither the opinion of the whole release team nor is consensus there.

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mostly done

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The moderation queue of proposed-updates is now down to four packages, with one waiting to be accepted by ftpmaster. As soon as the Debian Installer is now build on the still missing architectures (alpha, arm and m68k), we should be ready to release Sarge r3 realy soon.

Update: two packages are now waiting for ftpmasters, thanks to dannf, who's first accept this was.

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In collaborative work of Alexander Wirt, Marc Brockschmidt, Julien Danjou and me there is now a public list of packages which are in proposed-updates and await moderation currently.

The backlog in that queue is currently decreasing drastically, thanks to AJ. Builds of the new D-I for Sarge r3 should start as soon as all needed packages are now spread to all mirrors.

Update: Ooops, perhaps i should also add the link to that page.

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