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Thanks to the outstanding work of Stephen Gran SpamAssassin 3.2.3-0.volatile1 is now available in etch-proposed/volatile. Before we accept it to etch/volatile i would like to ask some experienced SysAdmins to do some (more extended testing as we did) of the package and report back any problems you find to As soon as we are convinced that SA 3.2.3 works as expected, I will move the package to etch/volatile and send an official announcement. Please consider that this upgrade might break your system, so you upgrade at your own risk. Thanks in advance for all the feedback you will send us.
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Listmaster Thomas Viehmann wrote (IMHO) a very good summary for a policy on how to proceed with spam in the public archives of the Debian mailing lists. Some of them might need further discussions. Please help the listmasters and write your own ideas and opinions about his proposal. Also many thanks to Frans Pop, who first drafted some of them listmaster-internally quite a while ago.
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