DSA recently switched www.debian.org to GeoDNS. Now, 72 hours later, it seems we didn’t broke the website too hard with it. While reviewing the query logs for abnormalities i started to do some statistics, which i thought might be worth publishing.

  • In total we had about 1.44 million DNS queries within 72 hours.
  • There were about 12550 queries where the source IP wasn’t in the GeoIP database, so we had to deliver the default zone. Most of those had been IPv6 addresses.
  • Europe does ~50% of all the DNS queries.

Debian GeoDNS queries to www.debian.org


Upon demand, here are the exact numbers:

Continent Queries
Europe 730278
Northern America 308404
Asia 177777
Southern America 176518
Oceania 24941
Africa 11697
undefinded 12550