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Taken from the CentOS Install Guide:

While text mode installations are not explicitly documented, those using the text mode installation program can easily follow the GUI installation instructions. One thing to note is that manipulation of LVM (Logical Volume Management) disk volumes is only possible in graphical mode. In text mode it is only possible to view and accept the default LVM setup.

Dear CentOS, please learn that doing LVM setup is even possible with the Debian text mode installer. It can't be that hard.

I need to admit, it's not CentOS to blame to, but RedHat, as CentOS is a clone of RHEL.
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before debian goes and picks on the Centos installer, remember that on CentOS, I can install everything, / , swap, the whole system, on a software RAID lvm partition.

currently you must do horrible arcane things to accomplish that with debian.

Are you implying that d-i is *less* sophisticated than CentOS' installer? :)

Are you being intentionally naive? CentOS installation guide and not the Debian installer. Their goal is to be compatible with RHEL. Why would they be changing any code? What are you expecting them to do?

Maybe you'd like to forward this complain to RedHat?

Oh and the netinst installer is not able to use a http proxy or at least I wasn't able to find out how to force it to use one.

Guess we all know why we prefer Debian whenever possible.

In fairness, the blame for that falls on RHEL, not CentOS; I seriously doubt CentOS has changed the installer.

CentOS is a clone of RHEL and simply cloned this behaviour too. The problem really lies with RedHat.

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