How to read Debian's mailing list archives locally

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From time to time i want to answer on mails on Debian mailinglists that i am not subcribed to. To have proper reply-headers set, i usually copied the archive mbox from to my local machine.

Now i found a much nicer way.

apt-get install fuse afuse sshfs
adduser zobel fuse
mkdir ~/fuse/
afuse -o mount_template="sshfs %r:/ %m" -o unmount_template="fusermount -u -z %m" -o timeout=60 ~/fuse
mutt -f /home/zobel/fuse/
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On any normal desktop with a sane MUA you can just click the reply links in the web archive and the right things will happen, apart from quoting the mail you are replying to. Quoting is overrated though.

I was exactly doing the same copy mbox to localhost dance, thanks for the tip! :D

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