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I am going to DebCamp11 and DebConf11. I hope I can do some productive work with the website team, as well for the DSA team. Maybe I can find someone for a little skill-exchange regarding pylons.

During DebCamp I will most probably helping setting up the local infrastructure, esp for video streaming. Maybe I will also find some time for OpenStreetMap during DebCamp.

Let's hope for a good and productive DebConf with all the other DDs I haven't seen for years.
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As i already wrote, i am currently organizing a couple of Bug Squashing Parties this fall. My idea is that we have up to four or five BSPs on one weekend around the globe, and this repeated on three weekends directly after the base freeze. This should help us to get the RC count down to some reasonable number so we can release Etch in - this time.

As i have been asked to stick to iso 8601 or rfc 3339 date format (yes, i should have thought about this before sending out the announcement), here are the current planed dates (in a better readable format for international readers):

  1. August 11th, 2006 - August 13th, 2006: Testing d-i and fixing bugs in the installation process

  2. September 08th, 2006 -September 10th, 2006: Testing upgrades from pre-release etch and sarge and fix remaining bugs

  3. October 06th, 2006 - October 8th, 2006: Fixing remaining bugs in core packages

The following places so far have been offered to host a BSP:

  • University of Zürich, Switzerland

  • University of Darmstadt, Germany

  • École Centrale Paris, France

  • Argentina (no exact place given yet)

  • maybe: Student Dorm Salesianum Don Bosco, Vienna, Austria

I still hope we get round about 15 different locations world-wide for all events. If none of the dates above meet your diary, but you would be able to host a BSP on a different date within that timeframe, fine with me, just commit it to the wiki. Or your place is not yet listed, do the same.

There is not much you need to host a BSP, just online connection, a room/place where the actual bug squashing will happen and a place where non-local DDs could find a place to sleep. See here for more information.

Even so it will be a bit stressful i still plan to attend on all of the above weekends to one BSP in Europe.

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The DebianQaMeeting is now in it's final planing stage. I just posted severel mails to the Debian QA Mailinglist how to get there.

The meeting is mostly full now, as we have only a limited amount of place. If you still plan to attend, and you are not on the wiki, please contact me via mail (zobel(a)

We have a very tight schedule for talks and discussion, but i hope we still find some time for hacking.

To all participants:
a) Please don't bring eireless access points, you know, god will kill kittens if you do. Instead bringing normal wired switches might be a good idea. We will have some, but i am not sure if these are enough.
) If you have special requirements for food, please contact me before thursday.

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BSP in Darmstadt (3)

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Viewing the RC-bugcount form today, we have only 186 open RC bugs left. As both ends of the toolchain (gcc and binutils) should be fixed by now, we should see a discending graph from now on (hopefully). In the meantime the Debian BSP in Darmstadt had taken place, which was (from my personal view) very effective. We didn't close much bugs, but we did some research on longstanding RC bugs so we could help in that way. Andreas closed the slapd-bug which was no really slapd-bug but a bug in db4.2 (mutex support was missing for mips). I suggested some packages for removal from sarge (eg. sympa, openmosix).

On saturday evening we had a big BBQ with all persons, and we got even some guests (Benedikt and Florian Ernst from Uni HD). On sunday Andreas and Frank set up our "Farm"-boxes. All of them are running debian woody now. In the mean time Andi installed wanna-build and build-D's on all machines. We decided to run buildds for

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BSP in Darmstadt

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Currently uLI, Michael and me are planning for an Debian Bug Squashing Party at the end of August. I just wrote some formal eMail to Frank Lichtenheld (djpig) and asked for some support. Alexander Schmehl (Tolimar) and Michael Banck (azeem) already told me the would join us, if the have time and manage to come to Darmstadt somehow. We need also to coordinate the BSP with the Debian BBQ/Party-Team, as the are planing to do a party nearly the same time. So announcement of the BSP should be made really soon.

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Ohoh, its over a month now i wrote the last entry. And many, many things happened since then.

In short:

  • Steve and Colin toke over Debian Release Management and announced new Debian stable to come on 15th of September (they didn't write yet which year they mean)

  • DaLUG Farm project grows up

  • BSP is taking place this week end

Due to the endless flame wars on debian-devel Antony Towns stepped back from his role as Debian Release Manager. Currently Steve Langasek and Colin Watson took over his part and i think they are doing it quite well. Colin lifted the curtain last week and announced the sarge + 1 will be called "etch". They also provided a new release schedule, which will be quite hard to fulfill. Debian stable release will be 15th of september. Thats the reason why we do a BSP this week end.

But first of all i should tell something about the DaLUG farm project. Somehow uLI, Michael and I managed to get some uncommoned hardware which is now located at the FNB. All machines running Debian Woody. Currently we plan to install wanna-build and buildd software on these machines and will ask the Debian Project if they want access to these machines. But we won't announce that, until we know whats going on with the alpha-machine. We thought of giving access also to some memberes of the DaLUG, if they want.

As the release of Debian Sarge is coming closer, we managed to organize a Debian BSP this weekend, wich will taken place at FNB. We got sleeping place for about 18 persons coming from outside. I know about aba, djpig, tolimar, some skolinux-guys, one guy from Belgium and one from Heidelberg coming.

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