Viewing the RC-bugcount form today, we have only 186 open RC bugs left. As both ends of the toolchain (gcc and binutils) should be fixed by now, we should see a discending graph from now on (hopefully). In the meantime the Debian BSP in Darmstadt had taken place, which was (from my personal view) very effective. We didn’t close much bugs, but we did some research on longstanding RC bugs so we could help in that way. Andreas closed the slapd-bug which was no really slapd-bug but a bug in db4.2 (mutex support was missing for mips). I suggested some packages for removal from sarge (eg. sympa, openmosix).

On saturday evening we had a big BBQ with all persons, and we got even some guests (Benedikt and Florian Ernst from Uni HD). On sunday Andreas and Frank set up our “Farm”-boxes. All of them are running debian woody now. In the mean time Andi installed wanna-build and build-D’s on all machines. We decided to run buildds for