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After tonights dinstall run, we will freeze 3.1r7 for sourcefull uploads, unless someone has a very good reason for another package inclusion for oldstable. Adventureous admins (who have also a backup of their systems) might want to try to add olstable-proposed-updates to their /etc/apt/sources.list and try to upgrade. Please report any problems to the mailing list.
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Etch r1 closed

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I will most probably not accept any further source packages for Debian Etch r1 after todays tonights dinstall run, unless someone really convinces me there is something very important missing.

Update: Exception are granted for packages related to D-I or kernel, if not already uploaded.

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As there are currently four persons working on the next stable release (Dann Frazier, Luk Claes, Julien Danjou and me), we decided to track all issues for the next stable release (4.0r1) also in the Debian BTS.

So if you would like to look what we currently consider for 4.0r1, have a look here. Before adding a bug (eg. with the command bts user . usertag 420759 + SRM) please contact the stable release team first, or even better, let the stable release team add your bug there on their own. Also, not all uploaded packages to proposed-updates will automatically considered for the next stable release.

Update: With "contact the stable release team first" i do mean, please send requests to debian-release@lists.d.o, not contacting release team members in private over IRC or direct eMail. And NO, h01ger, cellphone is also not an option!!!1!!!elf!!!!

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Advantage of the time AJ was DPL: Requests of the stable release team to the FTP-Admin team got processed quite fast. The stable release team is now waiting since a couple of weeks to get
#418639 fixed. Also AJ promised to semi-automate p-u-new processing, which didn't happen since the release of etch.

current mood: frustrated.

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With man-db entering p-u-new now, the package list for the last update of Sarge as "stable" distribution is frozen now. All further updates to Sarge will happen, as soon as Sarge is declared "oldstable".

This seems to become a busy weekend. :-)

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I just sent the first preparation mail for r5, which will either happen end of December or 48h before the release of Etch, whatever comes first. It currently does not cover all packages, as there are still quite a couple (more then 20) packages that need to be accepted from p-u-new by ftpmaster. Stay tuned for more information during the next days.

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For the next upcoming stable update, which should happen around October, 16th, is just sent the first preparation mail. Procedure is as usual, intervene if you think, we do something completely wrong here. An up-to-date version of my mail can allways be found here. Next update on that mail will follow in about 10-15 days.

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After Sarge r3 is pushed out to the mirrors now, i thought it might be a good idea to start with the preparation of Sarge r4 early, thus i already started accepting packages into proposed-updates again.
Release of r4 is currently scheduled around October 16th, but that may vary a bit, depending on packages uploaded to proposed-updates and on the DSAs issued in the mean time.

Happy hacking... :-)

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The package list for Sarge r3 has been frozen today, though we still wait for one package from one architecture to be uploaded. I hope it makes it before dinstall. Lets see....

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m68k is blocking the release for Debian Sarge r3 now for longer than a week.

We are currently only waiting for one (essential) package from this arch: debian-installer. For some curious reasons this package did not build on any of the build-deamons and as porter machines are still locked down after compromise one can't even do hand-builds. Wouter is currently doing this on one of his machines, but that might take a while... So one can still say what we said pre-sarge release: "It's ready when it's done".

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and reflects neither the opinion of the whole release team nor is consensus there.

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