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Taken from the CentOS Install Guide:

While text mode installations are not explicitly documented, those using the text mode installation program can easily follow the GUI installation instructions. One thing to note is that manipulation of LVM (Logical Volume Management) disk volumes is only possible in graphical mode. In text mode it is only possible to view and accept the default LVM setup.

Dear CentOS, please learn that doing LVM setup is even possible with the Debian text mode installer. It can't be that hard.

I need to admit, it's not CentOS to blame to, but RedHat, as CentOS is a clone of RHEL.
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After a long period of not-blogging, i decided to relaunch my blog using MovableType. Yes, i know ikiwiki does exist... ;-)
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Living really downtown and having a demonstration of NPD and of Antifa at the same time, while you try to move out of a flat. Anyway, relocation finished by 10pm yesterday evening, now waiting for DSL connection.
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The best you can do on a tepidly summer evening like today? Drinking a glass of single malt scottish whisky while reading a good book and enjoying the sunset.

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modprobe scx200_gpio
mknod /dev/soekris_error_led c 254 20
echo 1 > /dev/soekris_error_led

Now my router can morse errors :-)

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I decided to switch to Wordpress, as it more suiteable for me. I often do not have shell access to the host where my blog runs on when i want to blog about something.

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After i reinstalled my mailserver a few weeks ago i hadn't had found any time yet to reinstall amavisd-new. So i thought i could do it this night. After i installed it, i copied the old configs back from my backup. But ...huh... for some reason, some parts of my old config do not seem to work anymore... I don't know what i changed, but the nice feature having X-Spam-Headers in every mail, regardless if spam or not, does not seem to work any more, dunno why.

After 4.5h of searching i give up for now.... Far to late here (0400 local time)

Current mood: frustrated.

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I switched to pyblosxom recently. While switching, i found out, that pyblosxom has no real rss2 support, so i head to write the templates myself. Also neither blosxom nor pyblosxom support support pubDate statement in the head, so i had to hack the w3cdate a bit. I found out, i was not the only one with this problem. Doug Ransom posted this also recently to the pyblosxom user mailing list. I didn't took the official w3cdate plugin, as this only gives back date in ISO8601 format. I prefere a more readable date, so i took time.strftime("%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S", time_tuple).
And sorry in advance, if this switch might flood planet.. :(

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While looking around in the net for zSeries stuff, i discovered Debian is containing a software called "hercules", a z/Architecture Emulator. So i thought, why not giving that one a try and installed it. After understanding how to run hercules without root-privileges (okay, next time i should read README.Debian first...) i started installing Debian Sarge inside the virtual machine, using Debian Installer RC2. Went quite well, but there is one nasty bug left (#281407) while doing partitioning.

Okay, S/390 isn't that fast, if you run it as virtual machine, but hey, have you a tried to work with S/390?

~ # cat /proc/cpuinfo
vendor_id : IBM/S390
# processors : 1
bogomips per cpu: 55.91
processor 0: version = 00, identification = 002623, machine = 3090

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Yiepi, i got IPv6 on newfrigg up and running. Now even IRCing works on that machine... My IPv6 tunnelbroker is SixXS. After i managed to get my entries in the RIPE-database (which was the hardest part of it), i got IPv6 connectivity within 1.5 hours. You are realy great guys. I own you a beer. Now i will experiment with IPv6 routing. I want to connect DaLUG farm PCs on that v6 network.

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