Currently I have problems having a closer look on the indys. Network isnt coming up after boot so i have to either connect a nullmodem cable or a monitor supporting 13W3 or sync-on-green. Nullmodem is a little bit complicated as the serial connector on an indy is a MiniDIN8, so i need a converter from SubD9 to MiniDIN8 (have to arange that in the next days or ask at the DaLUG for support).

Apropos DaLUG, we should plan for LT2k4, and how to get there. Uli said he will go by car, I myself will do the same. Have to find some persons joining me, that makes fuel cheaper.

Deutsche Telekom did not managed yet to reconnect our telephone so phone is still offline. I called their support today, but they say i have to wait. LOL, why have i to wait for a mistake they made. I will write a letter to there support center. DSL-connection problems on XMas show me, that claiming on there mistakes is real money ;=)

I have been in Swiss last weekend for hiking. Nice trip to mount Rigi. It was hard for me as i am not familiar with hiking up 3000ft. mountains, but somehow i managed it to get up to middle-station. As i arrived on middle-Station, it started raining. Downhill i took the cable car which was quite expensive (23 SFr, which is about 15 EUR) one way.