While looking around in the net for zSeries stuff, i discovered Debian is containing a software called “hercules”, a z/Architecture Emulator. So i thought, why not giving that one a try and installed it. After understanding how to run hercules without root-privileges (okay, next time i should read README.Debian first…) i started installing Debian Sarge inside the virtual machine, using Debian Installer RC2. Went quite well, but there is one nasty bug left (#281407) while doing partitioning.

Okay, S/390 isn’t that fast, if you run it as virtual machine, but hey, have you a tried to work with S/390?

~ # cat /proc/cpuinfo
vendor_id       : IBM/S390
# processors    : 1
bogomips per cpu: 55.91
processor 0: version = 00,  identification = 002623,  machine = 3090