Hey, the Indy is now running. Orignaly Irix 5.3 was installed on it. But i decided to switch to Debian, as I am more familiar with Debian and i can take it as development machine for DCC.

The 13W3 adapter didn’t help at all. None of the monitors i tried worked with the indy, even those who had sync-on-green in its specification. At last i got a 17” Sun monitor from Uli.

When installing Debian, i first tried Woody install disks, but didnt get far, as fdisk on Indys is a little bit confusing. So i tried beta4 of Sarge D-I. It worked well, but fdisk was same confusing. I managed it somehow (trick: delete SGI VolHDr after first partition is created). Afterwards D-I installation is straight forward. I changed the exim4 config to relay all mail to server.mhelas.home, which makes it easier to read all mail from all PCs.

When googeling for some postgres issues if found a new project call exchange4linux, an add-on for M$ Outlook with calendar sync. Server runs under Debian Linux, AddOn to be installed under Windows. Seems worth to give a try.

I submitted some more keys to the Linuxtag Keysigning-Project. So i will attend next week at Linuxtag Keysigning.

Asked also @ Debian-QA whether doxygen can be orphaned, as the maintainer did his last upload over a year ago and 6 NMUs having been passed since then and even for the actual RC-Bug (an one-line patch exists) the maintainer shows no reaction.