For some reason we had a power outage this afternoon. The curious thing: heating was still working as i detected the outage. When power came back, our FI-fuse didnt like so much machines powering on at the same time and powered of everything a second time. Luckily the indy came back online, as i modified the kernel last week and hadnt yet rebooted the machine. Now Linux 2.4.26 kernel is running on that machine. I now know how arcboot is working. Configfile seems to be very the same as lilo. Not that much options, but thats ok.

I had been at Linuxtag 2004 in Karlsruhe last week-end. A very nice trip which devinitfly was worth its time. I met many people at the Debian booth (Ganeff, mrvn, rene, weasel and many, many more). I also attended at the LT Keysigning Party and now getting my key signed from about 140 persons. Hey lets grow the web-of-trust. I will get into the strong keyset in near time (currently i am on place 1297 of all gpgkeys world-wide). I also talked to the guy of 4G Systems about the Meshcubes they sell. Nice little WLAN routers. But Jan Stefan from DaLUG told me, it would be cheaper to order some D-Link or Asus WLAN-AP, whom to modify the firmware doing the very same thing as the Meshcubes. I joined GUUG Community at the LT. It costs 30 EUR for students and i got one book (VPN mit Linux from Ralf Spenneberg) free of charge as well as the LANLine Magazine every month now. GUUG members also get c’t, iX and Linux Magazine at a reduce rate.